Contour Edgebander - Vitap Eclipse

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Vitap Eclipse - Contour Edgebander

Versatile - Space Saving - Value Priced

The Vitap Eclipse comes with a standard trimming unit and is able to process large or small pieces without extra setup. It can work on straight, shaped, concave as well as convex edges - 10-60 mm tichness and 1-3mm band thickness.

Standard Features Include:

  • Trimming unit with 2 motors 0,5 kw, high frequency 1500 rp
  • 3-Footed Edge Holder
  • Laser
  • Touch Screen
  • Table
  • Reinforced Joint Arm
  • Trimming Station with Pneumatic Tilting

Additional Options:

  • Rectangular table for exectuion of larger pieces
  • Sensor controlled glue feeder
  • Foot pedal with external potentiometer
  • 7 inch colored touch screen

Glueing Station with...

  • Glue and tape application on big and small shaped panels
  • Equipped with glue pot with 1 Kg capacity
  • 2 rollers to copy the shape of the piece
  • Glue application amount is adjusted via a knob
  • Set up of the glue temperature
  • Automatic guillotine for coiled material up to 3 mm x 45 mm
  • PLC to set the length and the cut of the tape (by means of an encoder) for open and closed pieces;

Laser with...

  • Easy to program cut-off for closed peices with no need for measuring
  • On/off automatic feeder of the panel
  • Raisable working table for small panels
  • Utilizes 2 x 800 w heating elements w/electronic temperature control via thermoregulator
  • On/off automatic feeder of the panel
  • On/off trimming unit
  • 2 rollers to copy the shape of the piece

Trimming Station with...

  • Pneumatic Tilting
  • Trimming unit w/ 2 motors 0,5 Kw high frequency 15000RPM
  • Up/down and front copiers with manual lever to lift the motors approaching the pieces to be trimmed
  • On/off trimming unit
  • 2 brazed cutters R=3, Z=6
  • Raisable working table for small panels
  • Turning table unit for large panelsHolding arm with vacum table to hold the big panels for edging and trimming
  • Dimensions: 2100 x 1600 x 1600 mm • Kg 600
  • CE standards

Technical Data:

  • Edge Coil Thickness: 0.5 mm - 3 mm (0.5 or thicker thin tape ONLY with proper Low Temp Adhesive)
  • Work piece min: 200 mm dia.
  • Work piece max: 2400 mm dia.
  • Work piece Thickness: 10 - 60 mm (Note: Max. is 45 mm with 3 mm edgebanding - Min. 12 mm for trim station clearance.)
  • Edgeband Thickness: 0.5 mm /.020 to 1 mm for panels up to 60mm thick, 2 mm for panels up to 60 mm thick, 3 mm for panels up to 45 mm thick
  • Minimum Outside Radius 30 mm (note: based on quality / type of edge tape)
  • Minimum Inside Radius 250 mm
  • Feed (Rotation) Speed: 5 m/min
  • Dust extraction port: 1 port at 80mm for Trimming unit
  • Air Requirement: 6 bar (90 psi)
  • Machine Dimensions:  2100 mm x 1600 mm x 1600 mm

For more information, or to request a quote, contact First Choice Industrial, an authorized, full-service Vitap Contour Edgebander Distributor . . .

First Choice Industrial
Phone: 678-642-9722

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