First Choice Industrial New and Used Woodworking Machinery - Auburn, GA

First Choice Industrial's 10,000 square foot warehouse for new & used woodworking machinery is conveniently located just outside of metro-Atlanta, in Auburn, GA.

  • Long or short term woodworking machinery storage...
    • Storage Rates: $2.00 per square foot, per month
    • Custom crating & shipping services...
      • Standard size palletizing (40" x 48") $45.00 for each machine
      • Non-standard palletizing $5.00 per square foot
      • Stick framing for shipping, $5.00 per square foot
      • Complete enclosed crating quoted on request
    • Complete enclosed crating quoted on request.
          For additional information,
          regarding our woodworking machinery storage, crating & shipping services...
          Call 678-642-9722 or Email
          First Choice Industrial - 145 Auburn Park Drive, Auburn, GA 30011