Stefani Evolution Squaring Edgebanders

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Stefani Evolution Squaring Edgebanders

The Stefani Evoltuion squaring edgebanding solutions from First Choice Industrial include the Evolution C, Evolution SB, Evolution SB One, and Evolution 60.

  • Stefani EVO C is offered in a complete range of industrial squaring and edgebanding machines for small- and medium-scale firms. Profitable and advantageous production thanks to top productivity levels, a degree of efficiency that guarantees maintained value over time, and the versatile use of various machining operations, and all with limited investment.
  • Stefani SB is designed for reliability and practical efficiency, even in heavy-duty use with several work shifts per day, always with the guarantee of consistent reliability and lasting competitive advantages.
  • Stefani EVO SB One  is a single-sided squaring and edgebanding machine for the sequenced machining of panels that differ in terms of size, edgebanding strip and machining operations, with small batches or batch 1. Consisting of a single machining shoulder and specific insertion systems allowing the utmost variation and infeed speed of mixed panels.
  • Stefani 60 is the solution for the production of components for narrow, long furniture items such as drawers, fill-in strips, skirting boards, small shelves, etc. A special machine configuration allows the shoulders to be brought closer than the standard distance, making it possible to machine panels with a minimum width up to 60mm.

Contact us today to discuss our wide range of customized Stefani edgebanding solutions for small, mid, and large production manufacturing needs.

Lengthwise pass panel dimensions

min/max lenght (mm)
min/max  width (mm)


Crosswise pass panel dimensions
min/max lenght (mm)
min/max  width (mm)

250/2500 (opt 3200)

Panel thickness min/max  (mm)


Feed Speed (m/min):

24 m/min (thick edges)

Edge application technologies:

Glue pot with EVA glue (PU opt)


ABS, PVC, PP, PMMA, 3D, HIGH GLOSS, coil wood edge, melamine,

Edge thickness (mm)


Squaring and sizing function


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