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Automatic Push Feed Saw System - RazorOptimal

The RazorOptimal Automatic Pushfeed Saw System from RazorGage, is manufactured in Ames, Iowa and  will download cut lists, optimize remaining parts to fit into defect-free areas of the processing material, and automatically advance and cut lineal stock.  Machine configurations include a choice between crayon mark defect scanning or joystick A/B defect input.  

And the RazorOptimal is unique in that it is available with either a 500mm up-cut saw or, for customers wanting to automatically drill pocket holes, it can be outfitted with our 18-inch down-cut precision saw.  It can  also be outfitted with various secondary operation modules:  Face frame layout marking, inkjet printing and spaceball insertion. 

All RazorOptimals run on PC’s running Windows 10 Professional that have built-in networking and multiple USB ports. You can choose to plug in a USB flash drive to load your cut list data or download your cut list from any of your networked computers.

Your operator will run the saw system from a 21-inch color touch screen. The main screen is simple to use. RazorOptimal systems are easy to learn and easy to use. Other companies force operators to work from tiny black and white LCD character screens–meaning they have to memorize features and operations. How archaic! –Like cutting wood with a stone ax.

General Features:

  • Precision Positioning
  • Double bearing block carriage for the ultimate in carriage stability on a linear rail, just as a high-end CNC Machine should be.
  • Planetary gear reduction system—Near ZERO backlash: Major contributor to RazorGage superior accuracy and repeatability.
  • Three points of contact: Three times as strong.
  • Industrial tower electrical chassis for dust intrusion control.
  • Wi-Fi and RJ45 Networking port
  • USB ports
  • Windows 10 Professional operating system
  • 23-inch color touch screen operator interface
  • Powerful RazorOptimal software to organize, optimize, and track your downloaded cut list data.
  • Cyclone precision up cut saw
  • Linear bearing precision
  • Choose from 500mm or 600mm blade
  • Intelligent left and right front clamping
  • Top clamping uses linear bearing system
  • Scan crayon marked defects and board length on boards >1” wide.
  • Optional inkjet printer prints part data on >1” material

Software Features:

  • Flexible sorting of parts. 
  • Operator selects material to process from list.
  • Optimizing-after scanning your defect lo-cation marks and board length, computer will select combination of parts that best fit defect-free available material, increasing yield
  • Cut parts are tracked should you wish to add one back into list.
  • Fully compatible with common design soft-ware package .csv cut list files
  • Optimize door panel staves from random width rips

Available Options:

Inkjet Printer - Perfectly complements your RazorOptimal software. 

  • Print any data on your parts that you have downloaded.
  • Helps sort parts as they are made
  • Helps expedite assembly, for example, with part name, cabinet number and length

Out Feed Table:

  • Out feed Tables include one leg per table section. 6, 8 and 10-foot sections combine for desired length.
  • Overall table width is 21 inches.  16-inch usable flat PVC table surface--typically used for wood materials.
  • Tables may also be configured with PVC rollers or steel rollers if desired

RazArray Sorting Assist

  • Works in conjunction with RazorOptimal Software
  • LED’s Identify which bin next part goes into
  • Example: Can key off Cabinet Number
  • Typically ordered as multiples of 8-columns x 8-rows
  • Picture at left has 8 rows of LED segments.

For additional configuration info and base pricing, contact . . .
First Choice Industrial
Phone: 678-642-9722

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