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RazorGage ST - Automatic Saw Systems - Positioners - Sawstop
Note: Shown with optional roller conveyor table with two legs.

Available in LOS (left-of-saw) and ROS (right-of saw) configurations, in lengths from 3 feet up to 35 feet, RazorGage Stop Systems, are built by Technical Services, Inc. in Ames, Iowa,  and are used in shops and plants throughout the U.S. and around the world.

The RazorGage ST System advantage features . . .

1.      Better Hardware: Since most stops systems calculate stop position based on motor rotation, drive component precision is crucial to long term accuracy. Compared to plastic wear pads running in aluminum extrusions, RazorGage uses precision THK Linear Guides in every stop they built.

2.      Better Software: Every RazorGage includes a reliable, solid-state PC running Windows XP embedded. Files can be saved to the PC via a network connection or simply by using an USB storage stick. Part dimensions can be entered manually on screen or downloaded from Excel spreadsheets as well as CabinetWare® and CabinetVision® software products capable of outputting RZG files (depending on software version)

Additionally, the RazorGage ST 15” touch screen is an industrial quality monitor, able to withstand daily use in dusty environments. And the computer is a “solid state” HP product without any moving parts (no hard drive, no fans, no disk drive, etc.) Again, reliability in workshops was paramount in the design.

2. Easy set-up, calibration and operation with a few keystrokes that utilize the innovative “fraction keys”which  minimize keystrokes and reduce human error.

Technical Specifications:

    • Accuracy:  ±.004”over 12 feet if calibrated with a capable measuring device.
    • Repeatability: 001”
    • Push Force:  250 lb at 10 ips
    • Max Speed:  55 ips
    • Power Reqd:  120 VAC / 10 amps
    • Interface:  15.5”Touchscreen or  23”Touchscreen 

    • PC Networking:  Wifi or Ethernet
    • Operating System:  Windows 10

    • ProLength:  Available in 4~60 Foot Stroke


    • Optional Tower PC
    • Optional Defecting & Optimizing Software

    Short List of Accessories:

    • Label Printer
    • Inkjet Printer ( Pusher Systems Only)
    • Pneumatic Brake
    • Linear Encoder
    • Steel Facing
    • Infeed/Outfeed Table
    • Roller Table ( Steel, PVC, Polyurethane)

    For complete info, contact authorized RazorGage Dealer . . .
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    Phone: 678-642-9722

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