Auto Upcut Saw with Pusher System - RazorGage APS

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Auto Upcut Saw with Pusher System - RazorGage APS

Great for Wood, Aluminum or nearly any non-ferrous metal. Aluminum cutting option includes aluminum cutting blade and left and right mist blade lubrication.

General Features:

  • May be configured to push right to left or left to right
  • Pusher can be built to accommodate up to 30-foot or longer extrusions
  • System pricing includes factory installation and training
  • Intelligent front material clamping
  • Integrated PC in a sealed environment
  • Download cutlists directly to the RazorGage PC via Ethernet, USB drive or Wifi
  • Optimize at the machine or run pre-optimized lists from your software.
  • Sort cutlists into groups of like material, color, job & more right at the machine.
  • Optionally print paper labels or inkjet print directly on the parts.
  • Includes the Cyclone Upcut Saw manufactured by RazorGage.
  • Select solid PVC over steel table top, PVC rollers or steel rollers.
  • Windows 10 Professional with 21” touchscreen.
  •  Optional articulated pusher mounted gripper.
For additional configuration info and base pricing, contact RazorGage Factory Trained and Authorized Distributor . . .

First Choice Industrial
Phone: 678-642-9722

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