Negative Pressure Dust Extractor - three Phase - 10 HP - SCM Formula VF 200

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The SCM VF 200 Negative Pressure Dust Extractor for woodworking shops is designed to fully substitute standard centralized exhaust systems and it guarantee a level of dust emissions lower than 0.1 mg / m3.


  •     Nominal air flow rate: 2300 m³ /h
  •     Maximum air flow: 6300 m³ /h
  •     Pressure at maximum air flow: 800 Pa
  •     Air inlet diameter: 7.75”
  •     Storage volume: 2 x 185
  •     Fan power: 4 kw 3F
  •     Filter cleaning: Electric
  •     Dimensions: 2305 mm x 1070 mm x 2438 mm
  •     Three phase motor: 4 HP


  • Negative Pressure Dust Extractor: VF filters are designed to allow for effective suction and filtration within a relatively small package! Their slim and compact design make them ideal for any work environment. These filters work in negative pressure, ensuring the maximum suction and safety efficiency, together with a significant noise reduction, only allowed by the passage of clean air inside the fan unit chassis itself. The filtering element is composed of 100% antistatic polyester(standard)and ensures a filtration of residual dust up to0.1 mg/m3.
  • Easy Saw Dust Collection: The VF 200 filter comes with two dust collection bins that are very easy to maintain. Each container has wheels beneath the bin and easily removable dust bags to assist with disposal operations. The internal sub frame of the bin keeps the bag in position with no risk of it being sucked up by the fan.
  • Cleaning: The VF 200 uses sleeve filters in order to improve the filtration capacity and cleaning. Again, these filters come standard with a vibrating cleaning device.
  • Safety: The VF 200 chassis utilizes our unique turbine micro-finned fan which is positioned at the end of the filter, reducing combustion and spark risk while making use of the separate safety wall separating the motor and fan from the collector chassis.
  • Fire suppression: The integrated fire protection device (connected by a professional) is a safety feature provided. The firefighting device on the machine provides a manual operation by means of a water valve located on the front of the machine. The main connection must be made on this ½” ball valve with a minimum pressure of 3 bar.

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