Negative Pressure Dust Extractor - three Phase - 10 HP - SCM Formula VF 300

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Compact - Designed to Connect to Up to Five Individual Woodworking Machines

The Formula VF 300 is compact and especially designed to work in the woodworking shops, guaranteeing a level of dust emissions lower than 0.1 mg / m3.  And it can
function as a substitute to a standard centralized exhaust system.   

Technical Specifications:

  • Nominal Air Flow Rate 6000 m³ /h
  • Static Pressure 2800 Pa
  • Exhaust Outlet Diameter 300 mm
  • Filter Surface Area 30 m²
  • Antistatic Filter YES
  • Filter Cleaning - Automatic
  • Chip Volume 3 x 300 liters
  • Dimensions L 3225mm W 1150 mm H 2440 mm
  • Three-Phase Motor
  • 10 Hp

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