4 Speed - (1Ph or 3Ph) - Tilting Spindle Shaper - SCM MiniMax TW 55 ES

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SCM MiniMax TW 55 ES Shaper with Slider and Tilt - (1Ph or 3Ph)

MiniMax T55 W Elite S Shaper  4-speed tilting spindle shaper with sliding table 3ph, 9hp is 4-speed heavy duty shaper machine with both a sliding table and tilt! available as a standard feature. Additonally, the T55 W Elite S is equipped with a wide sliding table that rides on hardened steel guideways.

This is the same structural design that is incorporated into SCM Groups professional grade sliding table saws utilized in higher production manufacturing . The sliding also greatly increases the shaper’s versatility, and makes tenoning operations very manageable.  Raised panel doors can also be facilitated on the sliding table shaper.

Standard Equipment:

  • Magnetic starter with overload protection
  • Forward/ reverse-run switch
  • 3-Axis memory fence with reference pins and digital readouts
  • Tenonning Hood with Cast Iron Tennoning Table
  • Interchangeable spindle, 1.25” standard
  • Digital readouts for spindle height and tilting angle
  • Magnetic spindle lock for tool changes
  • Aluminum Sliding Table with precision ball-bearing guidance system and Dovetailed and hardened steel guideways
  • Telescopic fence with stop, miter gauge, and eccentric workpiece clamp
  • Tool set & manual


  • Spindle tilting range  90” to -45”
  • Capacity, under the nut, with interchangeable spindle: 3.875”
  • Capacity, under the nut, in fixed-spindle configuration:  5”
  • Maximum spindle height above table:  5”
  • Maximum tool diameter, profiling & under table:  9”
  • Maximum tool diameter, tennoning:  12.375”
  • Sliding table stroke:  51.25”
  • Sliding table dimensions:  51.25” X 12”
  • Cast-iron table dimensions:  47.25” X 23.75”
  • Table height:  35”
  • Spindle speeds (RPM):  3500/ 6000/ 8000/ 10,000              

Electrical & Dust Extraction Requirements:

  • 3-phase: 28 amps @ 230v, 8 AWG CU THHN Wire,
  • 1-phase: 30 amps @ 230v, 10 AWG CU THHN Wire,
  • Diameter of dust extraction outlet: 20mm
  • Minimum required dust collection volume (CFM): 600

Optional Accessories:

  • Spare spindles (Router, 3/4”, 1”, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm)
  • Outrigger with telescoping swingarm support

Shipping Weight (lbs.)  1,350

Net Weight (lbs.)  1,150

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