3 Ph - 6 Spindle - CNC Dovetailer - Mereen-Johnson PT-1105-G CNC

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Mereen-Johnson Model 1105-G - 6 Spindle CNC Dovetailer - Made in the USA

Robust Construction
Repeatable and sustained use with heavy construction frame
True Precision Joints with Minimal Tearout

The 11005-F CNC Dovetailer from Mereen-Johnson is the only machine on the market with spindles on 2” centers allowing:

  • Adjustable joint fit
  • Adjustable cutting path
  • Reduced tear out
  • Greater flexibility
  • Greater accuracy
  • Production of partial tenons without tool removal

Knowledge of machine tool programming is not required.

CNC Advantages:

  • No cams to wear
  • More accurate cuts
  • Drawer size flexibility Fast and easy  set-ups
  • Cutter compensation
  • Menu driven operator’s console



  •  Up to 80 boxes per hour.
Tooling Compensation:
  • Adjust joint fit from the console with exclusive tool compensation feature.

Fast & Easy:

  • Most changeovers require only seconds.
  • Preset part storage for quick retrieval.
  • Complete part programming by a few select parameters.
  • On-screen cutting parameter adjustments.

Simple Design:

  • Increased staffing flexibility.
  • Increased uptime and reliability.
  • Increased profits.

Exclusive 5-spindle Design:

  • Minimizes capital investment & downtime potential.
  • 20,000 RPM spindles for the highest quality dovetail joint.
  • Exclusive “dual direction” cutting pattern virtually eliminates tear-out.
  • Spindles individually serviceable
  • Permanently lube bearings


  • Large capacity to run most parts
  • Large material variety
    • Melamine / MDF
    • Prefinished material
    • Plywood
    • A vast array of hard and soft woods
    • Robust Construction
    • Repeatable and sustained use with heavy construction frame.
  • Maximum width capacity 15”
  • (Optional 25“ width capacity with Model 1105-25)
  • 1/2” to 3/4” material thickness.1” thickness on lipped fronts with 3/4” overhang
  • 1-3/4” to 15” drawer height.5“ to 48” drawer width
  • 7” to 28” drawer depth


  • 5 HP air tensioned belt driven spindles to 20,000 RPM
  • Wrench flats for tooling changes


  • AC brush-less servo motors
  • THK type linear rails


  • Permanently mounted.
  • Pneumatic actuation
  • Adjustable phenolic chip breaker


  • Industrial PC with 15” touch screen

For more information, or to request a quote, contact full-service Mereen-Johnson Distributor . . .

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Email: sales@firstchoiceind.net

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