14" Shifting Blade Gang Ripsaw - 50 HP - Mereen Johnson 312-DC/SR1



14" Shifting Blade Gang Ripsaw - 50 HP - Mereen Johnson 312-DC/SR1

The 312-DC/SR1 Select a Ripsaw Series with two shifting saws, from Mereen-Johnson, combines with outboard fixed blades, providing provide all the production versatility of much larger, more expensive machines. 

Two inboard shifting saw blades for:

- Greater Flexibility
- Fewer Changeovers
- Ripping Around Defects
- Glue Joint Quality

12” Width Capacity Available with:

One LH moving blade  or
One RH moving blade  or
Two RH moving blades.

 Key Features:

  • Most durable saw in it’s class!  Highest resale value in it’s class.
  • Direct drive arbor runs smoother.Less saw blade wear.
  • Glue line cut quality lasts longer.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • Efficient horsepower to saw blades
  • No drive belt to adjust or wear out.
  • Time tested feed works design.
  • More durable, longer lasting.
  • Chains rebuildable, lower replacement cost.
  • High friction, non-marring rubber bed superior to pimpled cast iron bed.
  • Oil mist lubrication vs drip oiler eliminates the messy oil slick around the machine.
  • Direct coupled feed drive with variable frequency drive.
  • Air loaded vs spring loaded hold downs provides consistent pressure through thickness variations.
  • Select-A-Rip.
  • Overbeam mounted ball screw actuator is more robust than cantilevered telescoping rod minimizing maintenance.
  • Inboard moving blades provide better access to the fixed blades.
  • Moving laser light directly mounted to actuator eliminating cable maintenance.
  • An SR1 can be upgraded to an SR2.
  • CamLock (patent pending) saw blade set-up system with no hydraulics , no time consuming seal to repairs.
  • Hold down rolls are mounted parallel to each other through precision machining of keyways, no adjustments required!


  • Arbor door lock integrated to spinning arbor vs a warning light.
  • Arbor brake
  • Outfeed anti-kickback fingers assure edgings exit the saw.
  • Electrical cabinet door lock interlock when power is on.
  • Mereen-Johnson manufactured parts have the part number stamped
    or engraved on them.

For more information, or to request a quote, contact full-service Mereen-Johnson Distributor...

First Choice Industrial
Phone: 678-642-9722
Email: sales@firstchoiceind.net

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