14" Fixed Arbor Gang Rip Saw with Sleeve and Spacers - 75 HP - Mereen Johnson 431-DC



Fixed Arbor Gang Rip Saw with Sleeve and Spacers - 75 HP
Mereen Johnson 431-DC

The 431-DC Ripwas is part of the Mereen-Johnson 400 Series "Select-A-Rip" Saws.  Available in 24” and 31” capacities.

Mereen-Johnson Gang Rip Saws Have A Two Year Warranty Standard
That’s Twice The Length Available From The Competition!

Whether it’s ripping random width solid lumber or ful, sheets of MDF, Mereen-Johnson offers greater accuracy and wider capacity machines for better utilizing your raw materials, increasing your profit margins

Designed for panel ripping and...

  • Split pressure heads for double feeding applications
  • Non-dip machines for grooving and narrow rip applications
  • Profile lugs for irregular shaped parts
  • Modified versions for corrugated paper, Engineered, and composite materials
  • Edging fingerjoint blanks for panels
  • Spiked beds for short stock material
  • Standard Machine Capacities


22” minimum for bust-up

30” minimum for glue joint


Saw Capacities:

Available in 12”, 24”, 31”, 40”


3-1/2”  maximum - 1/4” minimum

Standard Equipment:

  • Outboard Bearing Support
  • 75 HP Direct Arbor Drive
  • Arbor Motor Brake
  • Zero Rotation Sensor
  • 3 HP Feed Drive/424-DC
  • 5 HP Feed Drive/431 & 440-DC
  • Electronic Overload Protection
  • Power Arbor Hoist
  • Air Loaded Press Rolls
  • Power Pressure Head Adjust
  • Sound Enclosure

Optional Equipment:

  • Infeed Guide
  • Arbor Drive to 150 HP
  • (belt driven > 75 HP)

For more information, or to request a quote, contact full-service Mereen-Johnson Distributor . . .

First Choice Industrial
Phone: 678-642-9722
Email: sales@firstchoiceind.net

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