Brush Linear Moulding Sander - Stanza LS Series

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Linear Moulding Sander - Stanza LS Series

Made in the USA
For small runs, to high volume production and everything in between.

Designed to quickly and uniformly process linear parts made of wood, metal, plastic or composites, the LS sanders can be ordered to match your specific applications.

The sanding heads can be mounted on the top (T), the bottom (B) or the sides (S) with as many sanding heads as needed. Standard sanders include TS, TB, SB or TSB. Custom machines with extra sanding heads are available upon request. Standard machine width is 300mm and parts height 100mm.

All sanders are built with a heavy-duty frame for durability with heavy-duty motors and components for years of demanding use. The LS sanders are easy to set-up and use featuring SIKO counters for quick adjustments measured in 0.1mm or setting the sanding heads to new positions or past settings. 

Technical Specifications:

Standard Features:

  • Extra large sanding wheels
  • PLC
  • automatic height adjustment
  • hold down rollers
  • specialized brushes and heads
  • Abrasives include the strip system, tynex, cleaning and more
  • Easy changing of abrasives
  • Heavy-Duty Motors
  • Heavy-Duty Construction

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