Lateral Chain Feeder - Doucet MFE-300

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Lateral Chain Feeder - Doucet MFE-300

The Lateral Chain Feeder Model MFE-300 is designed for continuous feed up to 300 feet per minute of fixed or random length pieces into a moulder.


  •     On the feed table, boards are automatically placed along the feed line by perpendicular strands of chains
  •     A pneumatic system lowers chain carriage between each feed cycle thus preventing unnecessary friction between the piece being fed and the reserve material
  •     Boards are automatically driven in sequence by a combination of two powered wheels located under the material and two top pressurized wheels over the material

Standard Features:

  •     Moulding length capacity of 3’ to 8’, 12', 16'
  •     36" long feed table length with chains C2060 rails on pneumatic up/down mechanism
  •     Standard working height from 32” to 36”
  •     Two bottom feed flat wheels made of steel ¾" wide, powered by electric motor with variable speed and timing belts
  •     Two top pressurized flat wheels made of steel ¾" wide, powered by electric motor with variable speed and timing belts
  •     Easy to access thickness adjustment at the front of the feeder
  •     Feed chains powered by electric motor with variable speed
  •     Interface relay to stop feeding cycle when moulder feed is stopped
  •     Torque control module on feed wheels VFD to maintain constant pressure without slipping
  •     Adjustable fence ½" movement on reference line, accessible from the operator's position


  •     Feeding wheels with hardened surfaces
  •     Bridge or guiding tunnel between feeder and moulder, up to 4’ long (tunnel custom lengths available on request)
  •     Additional chain transfer length capacity (up to a maximum of 6 additional feet)
  •     Steel plates between chains
  •     Platen chains recommended for softwood species
  •     One additional chain for shorter material down to 18" minimum length
  •     Pressurized lateral guide with roller bearing end
  •     Powered bridge with roller conveyor and side guides
  •     Custom working height

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