Lamello Top 21 Premium Biscuit Joiner

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Lamello Top 21 Biscuit Joiner


  • The highly efficient, simple and accurate joining system for panels
  • Adjustment of groove position to centre of work piece
  • Easy cutting of connections with offsets
  • 2 x 4 mm double cuts for Lamello Clamex S
  • Cutting of 8–12 mm expansion gaps, adjustable in 0.1 mm increments
  • Fixed connections of wood and panels as well as composite materials such as solid surfaces using biscuits of various sizes, the clamping element or the plastic element for solid surfaces
  • Detachable connections using the Clamex S connecting fitting
  • Self-clamping connections with the E20-L and E20-H elements
  • Further use to cut grooves and expansion gaps as well as to mill out resin pockets


  • Unique rotating height adjustment to set the cutting position in 0.1 mm intervals, totalling in 4 mm
  • Powerful, electronically controlled 1050 W motor with soft start, constant speed, restart and overload protection
  • New base plate generation with improved visibility of the angle scale and height adjustment as well as new application surfaces left and right for efficient positioning on the work piece
  • Precision-machined guide and application surfaces for perfect fit of work pieces
  • Multifunctional stop square for vertical stability as well as perfect mitres due to the application on the outer surface for 22.5 and 45° angles
  • Power: 1,050 W
  • Voltage: 230 V or 120 V
  • Speed: 9'000 minˉ¹
  • Cutter: Carbide-tipped cutter with groove, 100 x 4 x 22 mm
  • Teeth: 6, with scoring teeth
  • Max. cutting depth: 20 mm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
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