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Lamello P-Systems CNC Tools

Ideal for machining on CNC machining centres with pod and rail or nesting technology – whatever your production philosophy. In the case of nesting machines it can also be expedient to combine the machine with Zeta P2 due to the somewhat inaccessible edgesThe advantages of the P-System and its Clamex P-14, Tenso P-14 and Divario P-18 connectors are being integrated worldwide  in CNC production.  Efficient cutting of the P-system groove, with P-system connectors is ideal for the efficient and reliable creation of the following joints.

  • Surface - 180 Degrees
  • Corner - 90 Degrees
  • Center Wall - 90 Degrees
  • Mitre-22.5 Degrees to 180 Degrees

Creating Lamello P-System Grooves with CNC Machinery, requires the following components...

1. CNC machine – Machine with 3/4/5 axes + angle aggregate
2. CNC software – Purchase software/macro/component from the manufacturer
or – Program the macro yourself
3. Suitable angle aggregate – Aggregate sub program.  The angle aggregate also enables the P-System groove to be
cut in the centre of the surface
4. P-System cutting tool

For complete information on Lamello P-System partners for...

  • Aggregates
  • Software
Get the approval to use the P-System cutter on the aggregate from the CNC manufacturer

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