Auto Horizontal Stretch Film Wrap Machine w/Air Bubble Film Unit - Edda Spinner 450 S BN



Edda - Spinner 450 S BN Auto Horizontal Stretch Film Wrapping Machine with Air Bubble Film Unit

The Spinner 450 S BN Auto Horizontal Stretch Film Wrapping Machine with Air Bubble Film Unit, is manufactured by Edda Makine,  bubble wraps, cuts and then stretches film wrap in one efficient pass, saving time and reducing damage to goods, like long or bulky products like furniture, doors, timber boards, etc.

Standard Equipment:

  • Driven conveyors belt for automatic product feding
  • Adjustable ring rotation speed
  • Adjustable stretch film tension with mechanical brake device
  • Automatic stretch film clamp and cutter system
  • Pneumatic front and back top presses to hold the product while wrapping
  • Photocell to start automatically the wrapping cycle
  • Touch screen to adjust machine parameters to the product needs
  • Operator safety systems
  • Max. Length Unlimited
  • Check The Diagram Min. Length (Width x Height x Length) 100 x 18 x 550* with Short Part Support

Conveyor Belt's Features ; Useful Length 924 mm

  • Working Height 850 mm
  • Electric Motor Power 0,37kW
  • Max. Speed 14m/sec.
  • Max. Load Capacity 100 kgs/meter

Stretch Film Features:

  • Max. Width 200 mm
  • Max. Diameter 250 mm
  • Reel Core Diameter 76 mm
  • Recommended Thickness 23, 30, 35 micron

Air Bubble Film Unit

  • Max. Film Width 450 mm
  • Max. Film Reel Diameter 700 mm
  • Reel Core Diameter 20~76 mm

Suitable Film Materials:

  • PE Film, PE Air Bubble Film, PVC Film
  • Cutting& Welding System
  • Operating Temperature 50 °C ~ 150 °C

Machine General Features:

  • Main Motor Power 1,1 kW
  • Max. Ring Rotation Speed
  • 120 rpm Min. Ring Rotation Speed 10 rpm
  • Electronic Control Components Siemens, Schneider, LS
  • Total Power 2,9 kW
  • Total Weight 880 Kgs
Stretch film Width 10 cm ~ 20 cm
Recommended Film Thickness 17µ, 23µ, 25µ PE/PVC Film
Air Bubble Film Width 40 cm Max
Operation Speed 12 m/min
Product Dimensions to Wrap 45 cm Width, 20 cm Height
Total Power 2,6 kW 3-Phases 380/400 Volts
Required Air Pressure 0,6 MPa

For complete info, contact First Choice Industrial, an authorized Edda Makine Distributor...

First Choice Industrial
145 Auburn Park, GA  30022
Phone: 678-642-9722


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