Air Particle Separator - Three Phase - .5 Hp Dustek A/PS-3 Air



The Dustek A/PS-3 Air – Particle Separator is designed to connect (either new installation or retro-fit to existing units) to Dustek 3 or 4 dust collectors.

Additonally, the Dustek A/PS continuously removes shavings and saw dust through a motorized rotary airlock attached to the base of a steel fabricated hopper. Wood waste drops vertically from rotary air lock and can be transported to a dumpster, trailer, hopper, etc. via a remote booster blower. The installation of the Dustek A/PS separator will eliminate the standard plastic bag collection system.

Model A/PS-3
HP ½
Phase 3
W/H/L in inches 24x54x84
Wt. in lbs. 225

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