Manual Barrel Turner with Powered Assembly Rotation - Doucet: TRM-180

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Doucet: TRM-180 Manual Barrel Turner

TRM-180 Manual Barrel Turner, from Doucet Machinery, is a manual version of the Barrel Turner with a non-motorized conveyor nested into a cylindrical enclosure that rotates on its own axis.

The system features powered rotation of the assembly, but the infeed and outfeed of the panel are done manually by the users.

Standard Features:

  • Panel capacity of 4' x 8'
  • Maximum weight of panel 1000lbs
  • Powered rotation
  • "C" Shaped Cylindrical enclosure to facilitate manual pushing of the part
  • Push button operating console


  • Pneumatic hold down to maintain parts fixed during rotation process
  • Custom dimension units available for bigger panel sizes
  • Ball transfer instead of roller conveyor

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