Robotic Operator Clamp Carrier - Doucet RT100

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Robotic Operator Clamp Carrier - Doucet RT100

A new generation of "Alternative Labor Force" solutions for the use of clamp carriers in woodworking manufacturing processes.

Fifty percent faster than its predecessors, the ROBOTIC OPERATOR - Model RT100 marks the advent of a new generation of smooth running Clamp Carrier Automation Systems, and it will boost the productivity of a wide range of  panel assembly operations, while keeping labor costs under control.

Redesigned from the ground up, the RT100 includes the most advanced design features for precision assembly, flawless task execution and (out most) dependability. It is available as a modular upgrade on your existing clamp carrier or as part of a new Doucet SRX Clamp Carrier.

Additional tightening sequences available for programming.

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