Robotic Loosener - Doucet RL100

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Doucet RL100 Robotic Loosener

The RL100 Overhead Loosener automatically loosens the clamps holding the panels in the section above the carrier's workstation while the operator lays-up, flattens and tightens the next panels.

The system also indexes the carrier forward automatically. That approach enables you to retain total control over the flattening and tightening of your panels, while reducing the time devoted to gluing panels up to 30%.


  • Modular design for easy integration onto new or existing DOUCET SRX Clamp Carriers
  • A complete power unit complete workstation systems
  • An electrical control panel with the system's programmable controller
  • A motorized bi-directional carriage mounted on an overhead raceway one section above the carrier's workstation, including
    • a self-centering, self-engaging hydraulically motorized loosening tool
    • a pneumatic retractable overhead rest to support the clamps during loosening
    • sensors detecting the location of each clamp and the presence of a panel to be released
  • For a higher production requirements, the carrier's workstation is equipped with two operator workstations, including two hydraulic tightening tools and two pneumatic panel flatteners
  • The automatic routine includes indexing the carrier to the next available section then,
    loosening clamps, by-passing clamps without panels as the carriage travels to its standby position
  • The automatic mode is complemented by action keys initiating part or all of the sub-routines
    in manual mode

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