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Doucet GPS Tongue & Groove Interlocking End-Matcher
Two models available: GPS-90 & GPS-120

Designed to End-Match random length flooring of various width and thicknesses, the End-Matcher model GPS-90, from Doucet Machinery, is designed for tongue and groove and interlocking engineered flooring, which enables manufacturers to create or re-create complex set-ups in a matter of minutes and hold these machining set-ups within very tight tolerances, board after board... after board.

In addition, the GPS Tongue & Groove Interlocking End-Matcher can be configured to machine interlocking "Click" or "Snap" profiles.


  • Heavy duty framework
  • High precision machining environment
  • Digital Positioning System
  • Basic 5-spindle configuration, for tongue and groove solid flooring applications
  • Feed speed 90 feet per minute


  • Two models available: GPS-90 & GPS-120
  • Doucet GPS Tongue & Groove and Interlocking End-Matcher
  • Expanded 7-spindle configuration, for interlocking engineered flooring
  • Optional feed speed upgrade top 120 feet per minute
  • Traverse bar spacing 6, 9 or 12 inched on center
  • Open workstations for end defect removal, automatic positioning of boards when use with scanner/printer optimization devices
  • Automatic Positioner: reads marks placed on part (by printer or manual placement) positioning part correctly and precisely in front of the trim saw blades
  • Feed conveyor extension for defect removal and / or feed stations
  • Even-ended for maximum length up to 120"
  • Carbide tooling systems for solid wood and plywood flooring
  • Diamond tooling systems for HDF engineered flooring

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