Return Conveyor for Wide Belt Sanders - Doucet BTWB3

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Return Conveyor for Wide Belt Sanders - Doucet BTWB3

The BTWB3 Return Conveyors for Wide Belt Sanders, from Doucet Machienry. Is built around a modular frame.

Available in 5 roller length models, the BTWB3-24 / 30 / 36 / 48 and 60, all models incorporate the fast, simple and highly effective belt transfer system.

Operating Principles:

  • Receiving rollers are equipped with a down stroke mechanism that is activated by detection of the trailing end of the panels exiting equipment.
  • Transfer belts nested in between the rollers are used to side shift product to a set of motorized rollers parallel to equipment.
  • Once the panels have cleared the reception area, the receiving rollers return to their upper position ready to receive the next panel.
  • Standard Receiving and Return Conveyor Lengths are 5 feet and 15 feet respectively. Both sets of rollers can be extended to suit your application.

Operating Speed:

  • BTWB3 Return Conveyors are equipped with a variable speed drive to match the processing speed of your equipment, receiving table speed is adjustable from 30 to 90 ft/min, belt transfer speed is fixed at 90 ft/min and return conveyor speed is adjustable from 30 to 90 feet/min.

Direction of Return:

  • According to your indications, BTWB3 Return Conveyors are built for right or left-handed return. However, they remain adaptable to your changing needs throughout their useful life as transfer and return orientation can be field modified from right-hand to left-hand and vice-versa.

Transfer Module Width:

  • The length of the transfer module between the receiving and return rollers can be extended to adapt the conveyor to varying configurations of sanders.

Quick Access to the Sander:

  • The return conveyor extension, beyond the transfer unit, is on casters. It can be disconnected quickly to provide easy access to the side of the sanding machine.

Automatic Height Adjustment:

  • A motorized self-adjustment feature is allowed to automatically re-set the receiving conveyor's pass height while the table height on the sander is adjustable by the operator. The basic adjustment provides for 2" between the lowest and highest heights.

Staging Table for Model STWB:

  • An optional staging table allows the operator to stage several parts at a time and to create a manageable work flow.

Other Features:

  •     Light curtain-type sensor when processing 3/8" thick panel or thinner
  •     5" stroke option on receiving conveyor working height with manual or automatic reception height adjustment
  •     Angular return section available for configuration where transfer length was extended

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