Double-End Tenoner - Celaschi P60

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Double-End Tenoner -  Celaschi P60

Excellent Finishing Quality on all types of material:
solid wood, PVC, fibro-cement, rock / glass wool, insulating material,
gypsum etc.

The Celasci P60 is a fully customizable double-tenoner, that can be configured to meet a wide variety of manufacturing applications.

Its reliable mechanics, motors power and electronic management of the different devices, make the Celaschi P60 the top-of-the-range model for the most complex requirements and the most demanding applications such as production on multiple daily shifts.

Its features with high technological content make it perfectly integrated into high productivity lines.The Celaschi P60 is the ideal solution for versatile and practical double-end tenoners,, ensuring superior performances at the same time.

It can be used as a single machine for flexible lengthwise and crosswise processing or integrated within production lines; it is designed to meet the most typical panel machining needs.

The automatic adjustment of the operating units and the reduced set-up time make it a high-level machine while remaining easy to use and within everyone's reach.

Machine Frame

  • 5-6-8-10-12 operating units per side

Work Piece Transport System

  • Maximum speed - 60 m/mm
  • Chain tracks center distance - 4050-9450 mm
  • Dogs pitch - 270-450-900 m/min

Mobile Beam

Maximum beam opening - 6100 mm
Positioning speed - 2, 8-12

Work Piece Dimensions 

Width - 120-6100 mm
Thickness - 3-200 mm

Belt/Pulleys Systems with Electronic Positioning

Vertical stroke - 20mm
Vertical adjustment - 3-150 mm
Positioning speed - 0.25mm

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