Double-End Tenoner - Celaschi P40

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Double-End Tenoner -  Celaschi P40

Excellent Finishing Quality on all types of material:
solid wood, PVC, fibro-cement, rock / glass wool, insulating material,
gypsum etc.

The Celaschi P40 is the ideal solution for versatile and practical double-end tenoners,, ensuring superior performances at the same time.

It can be used as a single machine for flexible lengthwise and crosswise processing or integrated within production lines; it is designed to meet the most typical panel machining needs.

The automatic adjustment of the operating units and the reduced set-up time make it a high-level machine while remaining easy to use and within everyone's reach.

Machine Frame

  • 2-3-4-5 operating units per side

Work Piece Transport System

  • Maximum speed - 48 m/mm
  • Chain tracks center distance - 2250-4950 mm
  • Dogs pitch - 450 m/min

Mobile Beam

Maximum beam opening - 3100 mm (6100 on request)
Positioning speed - 2,8-10
Work Piece Dimensions 

Width - 150-3100 (6100 on request)
Thickness - 3-150 mm

Belt/Pulleys Systems with Electronic Positioning

Vertical stroke - 20mm
Vertical adjustment - 3-150 mm
Positioning speed - 0.25mm

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