Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer - Airhorse AH-100G

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Airhorse AH-100G - Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer

Energy Efficient - Reliable - Value Priced - Low Maintenance

Technical Specifications:

  • Ambient Temperature - +/- 35 degree C
  • Air Inlet Temperature - +/- 60 degree C
  • Cooling Mode - Air Cooling
  • Air Flow - 13.8
  • Compressor Power - 2.57 (KW)
  • Air Inlet Pressure - 0.4 - 1.0 (MPa)
  • Pressure Loss - +/- 0.02 (MPa)
  • Dew Point - 2.5 degree C
  • Max. Pressure - 13 KG
  • Pipe Diameter - R 1.5"
  • Electricity - 220-1-50
  • Size mm - 1200 Length
  • Size mm - 600 Width
  • Size mm - 1270 Height
  • Net Weight (kg) - 202

Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers - Airhorse AH Series

Airhorse AH Series Technical Specifications - Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers - First Choice IndustrialPrimary Features:

Strong Cooling Ability
With high power supply refrigeration media compressor which can pre-cool it and exchange the heat and refrigerate again; therefore the air will 30% more than dryer than any other factory products.

High Separation
High effective separator which can filtrate more than 99% of the water,oil and the solid impurity in the compressed air.

Water Outlet Stable and Reliable
Adopting the electron to outlet water automatically using valve and metal netting and its specially holding water method ensuring the reliability of the water outlet

High Inlet Temperature
With the pre-cooling system, using thickest copper heat-exchanging spare parts, could take up to 80 degrees hot air.

Low Limitation Temperature
Using the high functioning evaporation system, it could make the heat-exchange in large scale, and ensure the long staying and thorough heat-exchanging of the compressed air in the evaporation system. And also make the more compressed air into water and drying it.

Automatic Controlling
High effective refrigeration system which automatically control, adjusting high or low temperature and never stop working. It could always maintain the best performance.

Stable Functioning
Combination of Japanese ,Denmark and other famous brand accessories to ensure the product is maintained high quality.

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