Front Load - 10' and 12' Horizontal Beam Saws w/Double Blade Aligner and 4.5" Blade Projection - SCM Gabbiani S115

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Front Load - 10' and 12' Horizontal Beam Saws w/Double Blade Aligner
SCM Gabbiani S115

Select from 10' and 12' Models
Ideal for Small to Medium Size Manufacturing Companies

The SCM Gabbiani P55 Series of horizontal table saws are, include select able air blowing for ensuring optimal sliding of the panels only where it is needed, avoiding accidental falling of cut panels temporarily stored on the tables.

Additionally, the single-blade beam saw controlled by PC/PLC control system, is designed to cut solid wood panels or panel stacks and its products (chipboards, MDF panels, multilayer panels, plywood panels and fiber panels).

Technical Specifications:

  •     Front loading
  •     10' (3200) and 12'(3800) Cut length capacity machines available
  •     3.54" Maximum blade projection
  •     24 HP main saw motor
  •     3 HP scoring saw motor
  •     380 mm (14.96") Main blade diameter
  •     200 mm (7.87") Scoring blade diameter
  •     Variable speed saw carriage 0 to 442 FPM
  •     Return speed of 442 FPM
  •     Pusher fence w/(8) material grippers powered by AC brushless motor
        on a centrally mounted gearbox
  • Variable speed pusher fence 0 to 230 FPM

  • Double side alignment device automatically positions itself and activates by pressing the part against the crosscut fence

  • PC controller with Windows 7 operating system and 21" LCD display
  • "Maestro Cut" operating software allows for complete management of the saw
  • Air floatation tables allow for easy loading and unloading of material
  • Dust requirements: 2100 to 2800 CFM
  • Power requirements: 80 amps @ 230 V, 3 Ph
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