Portable Contour Edgebander Package - Cantek MX550AU

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Cantek Portable Contour Edgebander Package - Model MX550AU

Ergonomic - Intuitive Controls

Package Includes:

  • PD80 Power Trimmer
  • TK65 Dual End Cutter
  • VH03 Vacuum Clamp Set
  • (1) Unit of Glue
  • Trolley / Dolly

Featured Specifications:

  • Straightforward operation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Edgebands straight and curved surfaces
  • Portable and optional stationary edgebanding application
  • Automatic glue application
  • Works on 75-90° surfaces
  • Built to run without overheating
  • 2-6 M/min variable speed feeding

Rubber Grips and Metal Support Plate

Two rubber grips allow for precise control, while a metal support plate designed to rest on the workpiece allow for strain-free use.

Easy On/Off Switch
The feeder on/off switch is located on top of the primary handle, allowing for immediate control of the tool’s operation

Adjustable Glue Pot Handle
The glue pot handle has two positions in case of work piece interference.

Tape Insert Guide
A measured guide in increments of 1mm determines the width of the edgeband or edging tape and secures it in place for a regulated feed.

Consistent Glue Application
A knob allows for on-the-fly regulation of glue amount for a mess-free, consistent result.

Digital Temperature Monitor
A digital temperature monitor provides accurate control over glue application. Temperature ranges are 120°C – 200°C ±1°C (250°F – 390°F ±34°F)

Straightline and Contour Edgebanding
Our portable edgebanders are perfect for all varieties and shapes of workpieces. For contoured or curved surfaces, the minimum interior radius is 25mm.

No Edgeband Iron or Hot Air Required
The glue is applied directly onto the edgeband or edging tape. Maintain steady pressure on the workpiece against the feeding roller to apply the edgeband or edging tape at desired temperature.

Glue-Free Edgebands
Save money on your edgebands. By not requiring edgebands or edging tape with pre-applied glue, our portable edgebanders help reduce your costs.

Material Compatibility
The tool works with PVC, melamine, laminate, wood and metal edgebands and edge tape of 0.3mm – 3mm thickness and 10mm – 65mm width.

Angle Adjustment
Our edgebanders can operate on tilted surfaces of 75°-90°, making beveled surfaces as simple as perpendicular ones.

Quick to Start
Cantek portable edgebanders need around 8 minutes to warm up from a cold start, and no warm-up time if the gluepot is refilled when at half capacity or more during operation.

Built to Last
Other edgebanders may require cool down times – not ours. Our machines are strenuously tested during QA.

Portable and Stationary Use
Designed for transportation and space-efficiency, our edgebanders come with a durable and lightweight case. For handheld operation, work-pieces can be secured with our VH03 Vacuum Clamp Set. For stationary operation, our edgebanders can also be secured to our ST95A Stationary Worktable depending on your needs.

Technical Specifications:

Tape Thickness 0.4 – 3 mm
Width of Tape 10 – 65 mm
Feeding Speed 0.1 ~ 6 M/mm
Output Power 1065W,  1 Phase
Glue Pot Temperature 120 °C – 200 °C ± 1 °C
(250 °F – 390 °C ± 34°F)
Glue Pot Capacity 400 ml
Unit Weight 8.7 kgs

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