NC Controlled - Drilling and Grooving - 32mm Machining Center - SCM Startech CN

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SCM Startech CN
Automatic - NC Controlled - Drilling and Grooving
32mm Machining Center

The SCM Startech CN is a high-performance numeric controlled (NC) boring machine engineered for full production woodworking shops and craftsmen.

Standard Configuration: With seven (7) independent vertical spindles, the spindle and the blade in “X” axis and the possibility to drill in the “Y” axis, the Startech CN drilling head is both flexible and ideal for batch furniture productions. Additionally, this machine allows the operator unparalleled flexibility for tailored products without the need of operator intervention for the worktable and machine set-up according to the panel dimensions.

General Features

  • Fixed worktable
  • Mobile work-piece.
  • Vertical drilling on the panel surface
  • Horizontal drilling on all 4 sides
  • Grooving with integrated disc cutter along “X” axis

Numeric Control

  • 7" LCD color display with touch-screen function
  • Alpha-numeric keyboard
  • Self-diagnosis for signaling errors/damages in user's programming language
  • Programming by NC
  • Automatic optimization of drilling cycles
  • Possibility of panel origin change
  • Possibility to save and import of drilling programs by means of USB key configuration
  • Operator interface in the same language of the user’s manual;
  • Machining head graphic configuration

Tool Features

  • Horizontal drilling in “X”, up to 16mm minimum quota in Y
  • Grooving up to 14mm minimum quota in "Y"
  • Vertical drilling depth or through drilling carried out w/quota higher than 80mm in “Y”
  • 50mm maximum horizontal drilling quota with respect to the panel surface (upper surface), without possibility to exceed the workpiece maximum thickness with the bit.
  • Integrated blade unit with:

* Tool attachment = 35mm drill
* Blade = 100mm maximum diameter; 5mm maximum thickness

Technical Specifications:


  • Maximum panel dimensions X-Y-Z - 3050mm x 800mm x 50mm
  • Minimum panel dimensions X-Y-Z - 300mm x 90mm x 10mm
  • Drilling/Grooving working area - 0mm x 800mm/0mm x 800mm
  • X axis stroke - 750mm
  • X-Y maximum axes speed - 25 m/min

Drilling Head

  • Vertical spindles - 7 (4X-4Y one of them is shared)
  • Horizontal spindles (along Y axis) - 2 (1+1)
  • Horizontal spindles (along X axis) - 1
  • Fixed integrated blade (cutting into direction) -X
  • Blade diameter - 100mm
  • Maximum blade thickness - 5mm

Motor Power

  • 3 HP (2.2kW)
  • Spindles rotation speed - 3350 rpm
  • Blade rotation speed - 4300 rpm


  • Electrical supply - 3-Phase, 230 Volt (60Hz)
  • Installed motor power - 4.5 KVA
  • Air pressure - 6 bar
  • Compressed air pressure - 90 Nl/cycle
  • Extraction air consumption- 1200 m3/h
  • Exhaust air speed - 20 m/sec
  • Exhaust outlet diameter - 80mm + 80mm

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