Direct Drive - 40 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor - Kaeser ASD40S

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Direct Drive - 40 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor - Kaeser ASD40S

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Our Kaeser ASD30- 40S HP AirCenter Compressor Package includes a Kaeser's Industrial Direct Drive Rotary Screw Compressor, a High-Efficiency Refrigerated Dryer, a Receiver Tank and an Electronic Drain. 

All ASD Direct Drive Rotary Screw Compressors are built to KAESER’s renowned high quality standards and offer high level energy efficiency, noise reduction, and minimal maintenance,.

Specifically, the  Kaeser's ASD40S - 40 HP Direct Drive Rotary Screw Compressor offers optimized efficiency with  a one-to-one drive, with the airend directly connected to the motor via a maintenance-free coupling that eliminates transmission losses.

Additionally, Kaeser’s direct drive screw compressors deliver outstanding performance and increase energy savings with the use of over-sized airends specifically selected to produce the required output in flow and pressure.  Compared to competitive compressors use small, high-speed, gear-driven airends, Kaeser's one-to-one drive provides significant savings which include . . .

  • No-loss power transmission
  • Lower power consumption
  • Reduced maintenance and related downtime costs

Note: Every Kaeser Compressor includes a heavy gauge steel frame with double vibration isolation and quick fluid change features.  Also,, Kaeser's well-planned cabinet designs and component layouts provide easy access, reduced noise and overall footprint for optimal use of shop space.  TEFC motors are standard, in addition to utilization of piping, as opposed to lower cost tubing.


  • 208/230/460 Volt 3 Phase Motor
  • Direct Drive
  • Enclosed Unit With Noise Level<69dba 
  • 162 CFM @ 125 PSI With Other Pressures Available

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