3 Ph - Single Spindle - CNC Dovetailer - Mereen-Johnson PT-1101 CNC

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Precision, Reliability and Low Cost of Ownership

Made in the USA

3 Ph - Single Spindle - CNC Dovetailer - Mereen-Johnson PT-1101 CNC

This unique machine offers production flexibility combined with lightning fast changeovers, providing an affordability within reach of any size shop.


  • 3HP high speed spindle motor
  • Variable speed spindle up to 20,000RPM
  • Optional scoring pass to reduce tearout
  • Collet type tool change, increases flexibility with different types of bits/cutters
  • Automatic partial tenon removal (No special tools required)
  • Able to Load multiple parts while spindle is in operation
  • Create half-blind, box joint and French dovetails
  • Change pitch, size and pattern of dovetail in seconds from operator console
  • Resharpened bits easily accommodated using cutter compensation
  • Tenon/mortise fit is easily adjusted from the operator console
  • Part thickness changeovers are made in seconds from the operator console
  • Programmable cutting speeds with high speed non-cutting moves between zones.
  • Easy to understand and simple to use.



  • Up to 13.5” high drawer(4zoneuse)
  • 28”high drawer(dual zone use)
  • 1/4” to 3/4” material thickness
  • 1-3/4” to 28” drawer height
  • 6“ minimum drawer width
  • 7” minimum drawer depth


  • 3 HP High Speed Spindle
  • Motor•Collet type tool change system


  • AC brush-less servo motors
  • Precision rack & roller pinion style drive


  • Manual pneumatic actuation


  • Touch screen operator interface

CNC Advantages:

  • No cams to wearer
  • Drawer size flexibility•Cutter compensation•More accurate cuts•Fast and easy set-ups•Menu driven operator’s console

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