Automatic CNC Gluing Machine - OMAL INCO 1550

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Technical Specifications:

• Drip less high pressure glue system

• 5 gallon pail glue pump system with washing tank

• Glue viscosity range: 1500-4000 cps

• Pulse or continuous mode

• Rapid X and Y axis control, 60 meters/minute

• 2 axis NC

• Pneumatic up/down to clear hinges, slides, etc

INCO 1550 Automatic CNC Gluing Machine

The OMAL INCO 1550 is a high speed CNC gluing machine for end panels. It can have a stationary table or be incorporated into a production line with conveyorization. It has been designed to rapidly and cleanly insert exact dosage amounts of glue into assembly holes for end panels already equipped with hardware (drawer slides, hinge plates, etc).   Additionally, The INCO 1550 can be equipped with laser identification, or bar coding, for program recall and part identification.

Featuring  user friendly software interface (similar to Genesis Evolution used by Busellato Jet CNC machines) the OMAL INCO 1550 is extremely versatile. Programs can be written parametrically, can include IF/THEN statements, and are generated using graphical icons (drill, glue, dowel check boxes).

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