Pod & Rail - CNC Machining Center for Routing/Drilling - Routech Accord 40 FX

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Routech Accord 40 FX Pod & Rail CNC Work Center

The Routech Accord 40 FX Machining Center for the production of windows, doors, stairs, solid wood parts and for all those processes that require high level machining, while maintaining high standards in terms of precision and finish quality

  • Maximum precision even at high speeds over the whole machining area, thanks to the rigidity of the structure with mobile gantry achieved by twin motors.
  • Easy profiling on large section parts with the 5-axis machining head, designed specifically for demanding uses.
  • Faster work cycles by using “double profile” tools, that is two cutters fitted on the same support, in order to reduce the number of tool change overs.
  • Maximum setup speed of the worktable: each hold-down part is fitted with its own independent motor, which allows for simultaneous movement.
  • Reduction of down-times with tool change in just 5 seconds (wood-wood) thanks to the "Mach 5" tool changer device.
  • Greater productivity by performing all the accessorial machining on the door and window frames with the “BRC” patented multi-function unit (Boring Routing Cutting).
Technical Data:
X-axis working area mm da 3680 a 6360
Y-axis working area mm da 1680 a 1905
Component passage mm 350
Electro-spindle power kW from 8.5 to 15
Tools available stations from 10 to 78

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