Safety Actuation Accessory for UpCut Saws - RazorGage SafeTCrowders

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Safety Actuation Accessory for UpCut Saws - RazorGage SafeTCrowders

2-Hand Anti Tie Down System for Upcut Saws takes the place of a foot pedal to fire the saw.  One or both handles can be pushed forward until the rollers contact material to hold it square against the saw fence.  Operator must press both thumb buttons at the same time to fire the saw.  Works in conjunction with the saw top clamp to stabilize material during the cut cycle.

Comply with current safety standards using RazorGage SafeTCrowders for UpCut Saws, eliminating the unsafe use of foot pedal operated upcut saws.

Independently sliding hand grips mount on either side of the saw's top guard, allowing for the operator to safely and comfortably crowd stock against the fence, cycling the saw by simultaneously squeezing triggers mounted conveniently beneath  the operators fingertips.  Anti-tie-down logic also prevent the saw from cycling if one trigger is tied down.

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