53 Inch - 3 Ph - Planer/Sander Combination Head w/Rubber Drum & Elastic Pad - SCM DMC SD 90 (KRCS 135)

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53 Inch - 3 Ph - Planer/Sander Combination Head w/Rubber Drum & Elastic Pad - SCM DMC SD 90 (KRCS 135)

The 53" Combination Head - w/Steel Drum - Rubber Drum & Elastic Pad - 53 Inch - 3 Ph - Combination Head w/Steel Drum - Rubber Drum & Elastic Pad - Wide Belt Sander  - SCM DMC SD 90 (KRCS 135)is extremely versatile and allows the calibrating of MDF, chipboard. etc., for the calibrating and sanding of solid wood, the pre-sanding and sanding of veneered panels and the finishing of painted surfaces.

General Features:

  • Base and working table
  • Steel structure with electric cabinet on the machine front
  • Sanding belts introduction from the machine left side
  • Powered adjustment of working thickness
  • Main motor positioned inside the base
  • Long Belts: 2.620 MM Length for Greater Finishing & Productivity
  • Photocells with "Presence Detection System" to ensure correct abrasive centering
  • Floating Pressure Rollers: Precise and Correct Work-Piece Holding

Standard Equipment:

  • Electronic ammeter on main motor for readout of absorbed power
  • Electronic readout of working thickness
  • Electronic oscillating of sanding belts
  • Rubber-coated pressure rollers
  • Infeed anti-kickback vertically pivoted roller on 1st operating group
  • 60 Sh rubber feed belt
  • Infeed/outfeed workpieces support rollers with two rollers
  • Automatic device for feed belt tracking and tensioning

Electrical Equipment:

  • Electromechanical keyboard positioned on the machine front side
  • Automatic star-delta start of the main motor
  • Overload protections on the motors
  • Motors in isolation class IP54

Technical Data:

  • working width mm 1.350
  • min/max. working thickness mm 4 ÷ 200
  • sanding belt width mm 1.370
  • sanding belt length mm 2.620

Emergency and Safety Features:

  • Automatic brake for rapid shutdown of the operating group
  • Hand-safety emergency device in the infeed panel area
  • Front and rear emergency pushbutton
  • Padlockable main switch
  • Safety micro for overthickness
  • Automatic emergency stop machine for:
  • Sanding belt breaking
  • Not-tensioned sanding belt
  • Lateral outplacement of sanding belt
  • Absence of compressed air
  • Overload on main motor
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