Clamex P-10 Detachable Connectors for Lamello Zeta P2 Biscuit Joiner

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Clamex P-10 Detachable Connectors for Lamello Zeta P2 Profile Biscuit Joiner

Designed for use with the Lamello Zeta P2 Profile Biscuit Joiner
Available in Units of 80 or 300 Pairs

For Zeta P2 depth setting 14 and 10

The Clamex P-10 is a detachable, two-part connector with an internal cam lock engaged with a lever. Compared to Clamex P-14, Clamex P-10 has a shallower installation depth of just 10 mm and is therefore used for smaller material thicknesses. The design of the fitting is enhanced by two stabilizers which offer strong dimensional stability.

The form-locking P-System anchorage enables strong connections in the work piece without the need for tools in just seconds. Clamex P does not require glue or screws, and offers numerous benefits in the manufacturing process while also distinguishing itself from standard connecting hardware. It is therefore ideal for detachable or fixed mitre joints.

Primary Applications: Clamex P-10 is used in the serial production of furniture and for individual pieces as well as for interior fitting, shop fitting or booth building.  Due to its small size, it can be used in 13 mm materials such as plywood, solid surface or HPL as well as for miter joints in 16 mm thick materials.

  • Ideal for miter joints in 16 mm panels for furniture making, shop fitting or kitchen manufacturing
  • Detachable or fixed connecting fitting for toilet partition systems or caravan interiors using thin 13 mm materials
  • Glueing aid for miters and angle joints ranging from 30-180°
  • Aesthetic alternative to standard connecting fittings
  • Rapid prototype construction before starting new furniture range
  • On-site adjustments and assembly

Primary Benefits:

  • Minimal installation depth for material as thin as 13 mm for surface or corner joints
  • Detachable miter connector for 30-180° angles in material thickness of at least 16 mm
  • Minimal tool opening of just 6 mm
  • Extremely rapid, tool-free installation of connectors
  • Stackable for transport with pre-installed connectors
  • High clamping force for glueing components at all angles
  • Lateral tolerance for efficient installation with the Zeta P2 profile groove biscuit joiner or a CNC machine
  • Size: 52 × 19 × 9.7 mm
  • Cutter: Ø 100.4 × 7 × 22
  • Shell material: Fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • Lever material: Zinc die cast
  • Installation tolerance: Longitudinal ± 0.5 mm
  • Tensile strength:
  • Particle board: ~ 600 N
  • Beech: ~ 900 N

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