CNC Horizontal Bore, Glue & Dowel Inserter w/Laser - Omal HBD 1300 OF

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Omal HBD 1300 OF - CNC Bore, Glue & Dowel Inserter w/Laser

The HBD 1300 Horizontal Bore, Glue and Dowel machine with a 4’ work table is a numerically controlled machine to drill, glue and insert dowels on horizontal pieces with FOUR loading zones.

Technical Specifications:

  • 4′ work table with FOUR loading zones
  • Single or double drill, glue and dowel insertion unit(s)
  • Two way clamps hold panels horizontal and vertical for face boring
  • Optional top boring, grooving, multiple horizontal drills, CNC Z and Y Axis, large dowels

Major Features:

  • Omal “Sure Shot Dowel Revolver System”
  • One Second cycle time for bore, glue and dowel insertion.
  • 4 working areas with excludable center fence.
  • 4 Large robust Clamps
  • No Drip glue nozzle
  • Double Depth horizontal Drill Control
  • Powerful PC Based software & Control
  • Centralized lubrication system

Primary Specifications:

  • X axis (CNC with ball screw)o working area: 1300mm (51”)
  • Travel speed: 50m/min(163 FPM)
  • Y axis (Manual Adjustment)
  • working stroke: 40mm (1.57”)
  • Z axis (Manual Adjustment)
  • working stroke: 40mm (1.57)
  • 1 Horizontal Drill
  • 1 Dowel insertion unit
  • Glueing and Cleaning unit
  • Voltage: 220/60/3
  • Net Weight: 1200 Kg (2645 lbs)
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